Select your genus or genera of interest by clicking
on the primate tree.

Select multiple taxa by clicking on nodes. Click
again to deselect taxa. Alternatively, select your
genus or genera in the box below, and hold control
or command key to select more than one.

Advanced Features:

Optionally, specify one or more outgroup genomes
in which you would like the Alu elements to be
absent. If none is selected, the nearest outgroup
genome to your taxon of interest will be determined
and used. Again, hold down the control or command
key while clicking to select more than one.

If you selected more than one genome, would you
like Alu elements that are absent in ALL of them or
ANY of them?

Absent in ANY of the Selected Genomes
Absent in ALL of the Selected Genomes

AluHunter algorithm and website created by
Christina Bergey, NYU Department of Anthropology.